Who We Are

We are passionate about cutting through the clutter of the financial services industry and using our process to deliver your practice breakthrough.

There’s a reason why we’re together as a TEAM. Some of it is because we organized it that way;
some of it is by chance. But it’s destiny that brings people together.
Now that we’re here, there’s a responsibility we owe to each other to live up to.


Steve Phillips

Founder & CEO

Speaker, coach, educator. Pareto-Certified practice management consultant. Snake collector and enthusiast.

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Aaron Grady

VP of Advisor Consulting

Process-driven facilitator. Coaching and consulting lead. Intuitive people-person with stories to tell.

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Matt Jaksa

Director of Creative Consulting

Brand and design strategist. Director of strengthening creative application. Partial to dogs and beaches.

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Sandi Stewart

Executive Program Manager

Relationship and outcome manager. Keeper of all things. Loves KC Royals baseball and Billy Joel.

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