As the Executive Project Manager at Advisor Protocol, Sandi is responsible for directing the client experience from beginning to end, with a keen focus on walking clients through the brand and design processes.

Sandi has been in the industry since 2003 and has experience in nearly every facet of advisor support, client management and consultation. Her roles have included Marketing Consultant, Sales Liaison, Executive Assistant and Advisor Education Consultant among others. Not surprisingly and as evidenced by her past roles, Sandi enjoys interacting with our advisors, and we know for certain the feeling is mutual.

In her time away from the office, Sandi and her fiancé, Tommy, are avid concert goers and participate from spring to fall in barbecue competitions across the Midwest. They are also raving Kansas City Royals fans, attending an average of 30 games per year.

Unique hobbies of Sandi’s include painting the toenails of puppies in the neighborhood and creating unique paintings by throwing colored spaghetti at the blank walls in her home.