Steve utilizes more than 25 years of experience in the financial industry as a speaker, trainer and educator working with Advisors, product development firms and insurance carriers to lead the Advisor Protocol team.

The team consults with Advisors and specializes in branding and business refinement. This is not “coaching and marketing” in the traditional sense. Our 60-day branding, design and consulting process gets to the very roots of how an organization defines itself. From there, these critical initiatives become personal and meaningful not only to the Advisors and the firm, but also to prospects and clients. We know it is minor adjustments that can lead to major improvements, and our business refinement process identifies those opportunity gaps and turns them into the successes.

We recognize that product and marketing are not unmet needs in today’s financial services environment, but business refinement is. We also recognize that while there are many opportunities to get “presentations and content” in our industry, many of those deliverables fall flat and have little or no impact on an Advisor’s practice. We know from experience that implementation and an accountability partner make all the difference.

While marketing, coaching and consulting can add value to a firm, that is not where we start. Our focus is on helping the Advisors we work with define, understand and create their unique brand. A true brand is different from a logo, an elevator speech or an overused, little-understood value proposition.

We work with Advisors and their teams to create the inward and outward expression of who they are, what they do and why it matters. We do this in a way that is clear, concise and easily internalized by clients and prospects alike. From there, coaching, consulting and marketing become extraordinarily meaningful and valuable to all involved.

True branding becomes more important as commoditization of the industry increases. At Advisor Protocol, our focus is on delivering best practices around the process of elevating and perfecting the client experience. We know that a high-level client experience encourages clients to focus on what you are worth, instead of what you cost, and directly cultivates client retention.