What We Do

We develop and implement brand and consulting strategies that take the abstract nature of the financial services industry and make it tangible.

First, we get to know your current brand identity, your service approach and your target markets. We look for the opportunity gaps to make minor adjustments that lead to major improvements. We then redefine your brand identity and design a proprietary process unique to that effect. This “how and why” of your business creates professional contrast in a sea of sameness.

Brand Identity & Creation

Branding is the missing link to making coaching, consulting and marketing matter. As part of our exercise to define your “Intel Inside,” we:

  • Identify the personal and professional brand attributes of your firm
  • Define the culture, client, voice, feeling, impact and “X factor” that sets your company and team apart
  • Highlight the influences of your firm and your team to ignite emotion in prospects and clients, and connect you on a personal level

As a result, the following tangibles are created:

  • Your Core Brand — What clients perceive and describe
  • Repeatable processes for your firm
  • The ability to duplicate and competitor-proof your best clients
  • The ability to scale and increase enterprise value
  • A method for putting succession plans in place

Business Brand Consulting

We identify small opportunity gaps in your practice that lead to a higher quality and quantity of introductions. Total Client Engagement, our 90-day deep dive into your practice includes:

  • Articulating Your Value to Improve How You’re Perceived and Described
  • Defining Your Ideal Client
  • The Onboarding Process for New Clients
  • Re-Framing Current Relationships to Accelerate Introductions
  • Creating Your Proprietary Process
  • Positioning Introductions as a Service You Provide, Not a Favor You Ask For
  • Best Practices Around Professionalizing Your Business
  • Organizing Your Team for Maximum Efficiency

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